East Sussex Family Photographers

What to expect

My style

My aim is to take photos of your little ones that capture the simple sweetness of the everyday and that tell the stories of families being themselves.

I love using natural light simply because it reflects my work – as natural as possible, working with nature and the ever changing shades of light depending on the day/time of year. Summer shoots will obviously look quite different to winter ones, and the colours of spring and autumn can add richness to a set of photos.

There may be a little posing with family shoots, but it’s often what I photograph in-between these moments that provide the best shots. I will give gentle direction to make sure everyone is in the best light but mainly I am an observer capturing moments as they unfold – I’m certainly not the boss on the shoot and for the most authentic shots, it’s best the little ones dictate the flow of the session.

You will get a mixture of colour and black and white, but this is something we can discuss in more details depending on your preferences.

My Approach

I’m a Mum. I understand children and know they often don’t want to sit and smile for the camera. If they do, then great but it’s the fun that can be had during a session which facilities the natural shots. As you can imagine, family shoots cannot be rushed! It’s important for me that your children feel comfortable having their photo taken and I will take cues from your child. This means often ignoring the camera for a while and playing some games, after all, playfulness is the language of children and it’s the quickest way to get everyone relaxed. I may also ask you to stand behind the camera to pull faces, tell a joke, sing a song, as you will know best what makes your child laugh and smile.

If the shoot is with a newborn then I realise how important it is to be patient and calm while the baby is fed and comforted, or as a toddler to have the same patience while the camera shyness slowly sheds. Conversely it sometimes works to have the parents take a step back while I do portraits of a child as they may feel they need to perform in front of their parents. If the shoot is with siblings, I seek to capture authentic images that reflect real family life connections.

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